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IJIRB is an electronic Biosciences Medical Journal publishing platform. IJIRB accepts and publishes Research Articles, Review Papers, Short Communications, and Letters to Editors for publication. IJIRB publishes papers and journals that come under the branch of Biosciences. Additionally, IJIRB’s publications include, but aren’t limited to, molecular biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology (animal, marine environmental, microbial, and plant), industrial applications, bioinformatics, medicine, psychology, aquatic life, zoology, biology, biochemistry, bionanotechnology. We particularly welcome research papers concerning multidisciplinary research.


The International Journal of Innovative Research in Biosciences is an open access, international e-journal. IJIRB is a peer review platform that reviews, approves and publishes original research articles, papers, and theses on all the topics that come under the umbrella of Biosciences. IJIRB provides scholars with a free, immediate access to original and authentic research that can assist them in gathering references for their research and education. The respected authors are cordially invited to submit their research papers and articles for publication in IJIRB.

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Reviewing and approving research papers and journals is an act of great responsibility. It signifies that you are an expert in your respective educational field so much so that you are capable of accepting/approving the submitted manuscripts. The members of editorial panel follow a standard obligation that comes with being in IJIRB’s editorial board. The editors contribute to maintaining the prestige of the journal and high standards of peer review. Any paper is approved or rejected on the basis of the originality of the content, credibility of the research, background of the researcher and the structure and format laid down by IJIRB for authors.

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